Best Girl Athlete, debut album ‘Carve Every World’ out March 2nd

Artist Name : Best Girl Athlete

Release Name : Carve Every Word (Debut album)

Release Date : 2nd March 2015

Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?

I’ve loved music for as long as I remember, and growing up with my dad being involved in music has definitely helped me discover a love for music at a young age. I was probably about 14 when I really started getting away from mainstream pop music and into stuff like Nirvana, then I spiraled into spending the majority of my time searching for small indie bands, and I’d say that’s when I developed a real appreciation for music.


What are your main ambitions in the industry?

All I really want is for people to listen to my music and enjoy it.  Above and beyond that, I’m honestly happy just to enjoy the ride and let whatever happens, happen. I’m not one of these people who are absolutely desperate to be noticed and to ‘make it’ in the music industry. If I end up in the ASDA bargain bin, so be it, haha!


When did you start writing your own songs/music?

I think it may have been about a year ago when I wrote my first song ‘Back to Basics’, from then I’ve written a few more, and co-wrote some with my dad, CS Buchan. We wrote a song together on the eve of the Scottish Independence Referendum called ‘Scotland Says Yes’ which we put up on Soundcloud the next day and was really excited to get over 1000 plays within a couple of days, even if the song was rendered meaningless within a few hours!


What would you say is your musical career highlight to date?

Signing to an American record label at the age of 14, which is something I never ever thought I’d achieve, especially at my age. Sometimes I fear that I won’t be taken seriously as a musician because I’m only 15, but it really shouldn’t matter how old you are or what your gender is.


Who will we hear in your songs? Who are your influences?

I’ve heard some people say we sound like Camera Obscura, and someone commented that my writing is like that of Ellie Goulding, but I think that Best Girl Athlete is quite unique, so it’s something that’s up to the listener. As for inspirations I really like young female artists, like Gabrielle Aplin or Lorde. A lot of the music I would listen to isn’t necessarily how I would write but as role models I respect them both a lot. Especially Lorde, I love her music, although that’s not the style that Best Girl Athlete follows, I think she’s an amazing musician and a person I admire. My father writes and arranges on the album and he probably brings a more folk aspect in places.


What’s the most important thing you’d like to tell people about your current release?

Just to listen to it for what it is, and not to judge it against the fact that I am a 15 year old female.


Who else could you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?

Although they are a massive band, I would urge anyone who hasn’t already listened to anything by First Aid Kit to definitely check them out, they’re a Swedish Indie-Folk duo and their latest album is one I have been listening to on repeat. You don’t hear about many acts coming from Aberdeen but there is a very healthy scene here and my favourite artists would have to be The Little Kicks, GONZO and Marionettes.  I also sang on the opening track ‘Any Given City’ on the latest Indian Red Lopez album, which was pretty cool as I think they are a great band and worth checking out.


Any gigs coming up?

You bet your bottom dollar. We have been looking at getting over to America to promote the album and are just waiting to hear what happens there. We were also hoping to play SXSW, which would be incredible but maybe that’s one for the future. Our album is coming out on the 2nd of March and we are looking to see if we can have the launch in a beautiful Cathedral in Aberdeen.  I will also be performing at the Fitlike Records label evening at Aberdeen Lemon Tree on the 6th March, and on the 4th of April we’re supporting Jazz Morely, Lotte Mulan and Cara Mitchell at The Tunnels, again in Aberdeen. We have also been in discussion about a short European tour in April, so we could be very busy!


Where can we find/follow you online?

Just call my name and I will answer….or you can follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, or check out our website, Best Girl Athlete on all platforms!



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