Goldie Thorn, ‘Down Town Time’ single out now

Electro duo Goldie Thorn released their hypnotic 80s synth inspired single Down Town Time on 27th October 2014 via Cabana Records.

  1. Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?


We both can always remember having music in the house – one of us had parents who were really into classical and church music, the other’s parents were into seventies metal and folk. We both started creating music in our early teens, using various instruments and samplers – anything we could get our hands onto, really.


  1.   What are your main ambitions in the industry?


We don’t really have a ‘grand plan’ or anything – both of us have wanted to release a vinyl forever, which is on the cards for this year, and other than that we’re mostly motivated by doing gigs at venues we love, to appreciative crowds, or supporting bands we love. We’re both intrepid travellers, so any opportunity to travel with music is always welcome.


  1.   When did you start writing your own songs/music?


Both from a young age. Goldie used to force her sisters to appear in her ‘musicals’, where she’d write the songs and lyrics and usually play the lead, then graduated to playing guitar in a punk rock band, as well as playing sax in a jazz band. The Rev started composing music using sequencers and samplers in his teens, as well as playing guitar and bass.


  1.   What would you say is your music career highlight to date?


Playing to a full house at an open air festival in East London on one of the most glorious days of summer 2013. DJing in support of Primal Scream and Bombay Bicycle Club in 2014.  Being on track to release in a vinyl in early 2015.


  1.   Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?


You’ll hear LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip. In terms of influences, they are a lot broader, from the Avalanches, Daft Punk, and Cassius to Serge Gainsbourg and Herbie Hancock, Grace Jones and Yoko Ono.


  1.   What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current release?


It’s going to be cut straight to pale blue vinyl, and we did everything ourselves- from the recording, to the mix, to the artwork. It’s 100% us.


  1.   Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?


We love Ali Renault, who is less in the pop and more in the Balearic genre, but makes great, sophisticated records. We also love the great production and the nu-disco stylings of Faze Action, who are stalwarts of the London nu-disco scene. We also really love some of the female-fronted electro bands coming out of the UK – Churches and JUCE spring to mind.


  1.   Any gigs coming up?


Not till this record is finished – but watch this space!


  1.   Where can we find/follow you online?

Twitter: @goldiethorn



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