Interview – Prints Jackson releases one single every month…..until the day he dies

Artist name: The Prints of Jackson

Release name: One Song, Every Month, til the day i die ._ .

Release date: From March 2014 until….. ?

  1. Where and when did you first discover your interest in music?

I remember my first guitar …. It had smurfs on and my mum had this old Kay guitar with a few strings missing …. but she would teach me chrods and chords progressions and harmonies. We rocked a pretty fly ‘Edelweiss’ …. I reckon we could have even taken on the Von Trapp Family and made it across the Austrian Alps before you could say ‘Uncle Max’


  1. What are your main ambitions in the industry?

My main ambition in the industry is to make sure there is no industry


  1. When did you start writing your own songs/music?

Apparently …. I’ve written songs since I was 9 aparently . I think the question should be ‘when did you start writing your own songs/ music that weren’t actually laughable and complete rip-offs of other songs!’ – then my answer would be – 17 years of age. The song was called MILK


  1. What would you say is your music career highlight to date?

Frank Black hugged me at a Pixies show and Beck shook my hand at Coachella …. yes they reached out to touch me …. OK ! …. OK !


  1. Who will we hear in your songs? What are your influences?

You will hear me in my songs and anyone else who is collaborating on that given month. I listen to and am influenced by music. I don’t think the internet is big enough to start detailing my influences …. seriously x


  1. What’s the most important thing you’d want to tell people about your current release?

My current release is as important to music as last months release. It’s alt rock with an 80’s coming of age type vibe. Mat Whitecross did a video for it and Alexy Prefontaine did the artwork for it. It’s good to run to … to !


  1. Who else can you recommend from your genre or local area for people to have a listen to?

The Highwire – Stargazing excellence. The Milk Race – Sterlings punkchunks.


  1. Any gigs coming up?

Nope – no promoter is prepared to fulfil my rider requests


  1. Where can we find/follow you online?

Find me on Grindr …. or better still ….


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